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I give thanks to our Creating Force for the gifts of healing that have been granted to Maria Isabel, who in a long and beautiful journey has developed them for us to enjoy, healing our physical and spiritual pains.


One afternoon I twisted my foot and the pain was so intense that people had to carry me to the car to take me to the hospital; in that moment I called Maria Isabel so that she could perform a distance healing and calm my unbearable pain. Immediately, I felt a relief without having to take any medicine for the pain, during three weeks of recovery without being able to walk. I am convinced that she, not only relieved and healed my pain, but she healed broken tissue which avoided a surgery. And in my case, without any medicinal insurance, would have been extremely expensive.

God will always bless you and those in your way.






I have been suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for the past 10 years, with strong pain and deformities in the articulations of my hands and legs, so much so that I was walking with difficulty. My hands became weak; I couldn’t hold objects anymore no matter how light in weight they were, I even had difficulty eating.  I visited many doctors who prescribed me sedatives for the pain, but there was a noticeable difference. They also would order me to attend physical therapy but the results were momentary. I was tired and desperate with this situation, until I had the opportunity to receive spiritual therapies with Maria Isabel, who spoke to me about the power of God and his angels. I put a lot of faith into it and after the first session of remote therapy, since I live in the city of Cali Colombia; I began to experience improvement. I’m giving my testimony that I can now lead a normal life, without pain and with great ease to complete any type of labor.


The angels and all their celestial court interceded before God and used Maria Isabel as a channel for my healing.







I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my left ovary. This time I was going to need surgery. Even though I spent years looking for medical intervention in respect to this, my menstrual periods were very painful and sometimes would turn irregular. The fact was this: the plan was to extirpate an endometriosis cyst in my ovary and curettage would be done as well through laparoscopic surgery. The doctor was able to effectively remove the cyst and identify that the endometriosis had expanded to the rectovaginal cavity. He tried in vain to remove the endometrial mass that rested behind the uterine sack, but decided to postpone this action and subject me to more diagnostic tests and an exclusive preparation.


During my recovery, it was a blessing to find Maria Isabel Ponte, magnificent healer who showed me a window in celestial communication. My body was exhausted, , resented and sore from the laparoscopic surgery and tries by the gynecologist to remove the endometrial mass. My heart was anguished for the uncertainty for the future. Then something wonderful occurred to me: one night while I slept, I felt the presence of a child at the left side of my bed, I woke up and the first thing I felt was fear, but then Maria Isabel came to mind and I was able to rest knowing that it was angels doing their work on me. A couple of hours later, at dawn I received a message from Maria Isabel telling me that she would work on my healing, I continued sleeping in my bed and I felt an energy run through my lower extremities. It was a unique experience. My healing started accelerating starting from that moment; my colon started working better despite the tissue that was adhered to it.I have continued my contact with Maria, she kept working through distance with me, and in each opportunity I feel more symptoms of healing energy circulating inside me. I give thanks to God for the wonderful friend that is Maria, for her words, her teachings and her love, for her healing hands; I give thanks for my recovery and the presence of the angels in my life.








In February of 2014, I was suddenly presented with a sharp pain in the coccyx, accompanied by urine and fecal retention. After having a catheter for a long time, with intestinal washings, long medical treatments and numerous exams to find the motive of this unusual disease without finding relief, I asked Maria Isabel for help, so that through remote therapies she could help me find relief. This is how I little by little began to experience improvement.

Today I give my testimony that my illness disappeared, after the doctors were unable to do so. I thank God and the angels and Maria Isabel because through her therapies, I am now cured.







Not long ago, I had theopportunity to receive healing through two very special techniques, none of which I had any prior knowledge about. I went to Maria  Isabel Ponte and she performed the therapy of “Magnified healing” and the “Aromatouch” therapy. During the therapy of “Magnified Healing” I felt how my energy moved in various directions. Initially, the session started standing and I saw through my third eye how a ray of white light came and showered all my chakras. I felt how my chakras moved like twisters and suddenly I felt a little dizzy. I felt connected with a fountain of infinite light and love.


Isabel’s hands transformed into a kind of lasers which gave me light and heat. When Isabel asked me to lay down, I felt like she was throwing rays of light, I felt how my aura expanded, and I also felt like the bed was moving in circles (all of this was due to the movement of energy). I felt accompanied by angels, archangels, ascended masters, shamans and stellar teachers. Through my third eye I could also see how the rays of light had many colors. At the end of the session, Isabel put me under the crystal bed, brought from the house of Don Ignacio de Loyola in Brazil. The bed itself is an entity of light that through the quartz crystals cleans the chakras, the aura and heals all the energetic fields. This was a session in which my light centers expanded and aligned with the divine light of God. The other session I had of “Aromatouch” was very relaxing because I was laying face down, Isabel applied several oils on my back. The smells were incredible and very relaxing. I was able to distinguish eucalyptus oil, lavender, and many others. At the end of the session, Isabel concentrated on my feet and used the oils to touch various strategic points in my feet which relaxed me very much. I really enjoyed both therapies because Isabel does it with a lot of love, dedication and is 100% committed during the session. She is an extremely large and pure channel of healing.  After having received these healing sessions, I felt my clairvoyance channel and clairsentience were balanced and open. For this reason I noticed a very positive effect during my canalizations of the angels. I have also felt a difference during my chakras cleaning that I perform because I feel that my channels are much more refined and as a result I’m giving more light and love.


Thanks to Isabel Ponte for her work as a healer but above all I thank her for her dedication and love.







Healing testimony during my pregnancy


At four months into my pregnancy, the diagnosis was of high risk because of the fibroids in my uterus which were threatening the smooth development of the baby. Additionally to this fear, I had a bad pain on my right side which affected me in every sense, to walk, to sit, to sleep, in fact the pain was so strong that I lost my appetite. Since the first healing session through distance that Maria Isabel performed on me, I felt great relief, the pain disappeared and I felt more relaxed. At five months, an ultrasound showed that the baby had a small spot near the heart. This greatly affected me psychologically and again I sought out the help of Maria Isabel Ponte, communicating through the phone for some time now, I followed the adequate steps to obtain the healing for the baby and the reduced growth of fibroids. Since that moment, I trusted with all my heart in the angels and the power of the energy that Maria Isabel channels through her distance sessions. On my part, I followed her directions and I prayed at the hands of the holy trinity. This way I hoped that with all the help I needed for me and my baby, the day came with a new ultrasound and I received the happy news that the spot near the baby’s heart had disappeared, and the fibroids in my uterus stopped growing and this way I gave a happy birth to my son, Matias.


I give my testimony for this great favor I received, thanks to the channels of energy and the connection of the angels to Maria Isabel Ponte during the healing therapies through distance.




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