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Chakra Cleaning


The chakras are vibrational energy centers of the human body. Its name derives from the word "wheel" in Sanskrit, and is so named because the centers are rotated by the energy field surrounding the physical body. The human body has seven main chakras, which coincide with the endocrine glands of the physical body by controlling the body's energy flow, from the basics and equipment to the highest, transcendent energy.


When running a normal chakra, is said to be "open" in the sense of turning clockwise and metabolizes energy you need. When the chakra rotates counter clockwise a sense, you are losing energy, is "closed". This makes creates health problems, weakness, fatigue or other dysfunctions as the affected chakra.


The chakras, which are like energy centers, are particularly sensitive to be blocked or malfunction due to self and external energy pollution. Hence the importance of cleaning the chakras and have them harmonized for the proper functioning of the physical and spiritual human being. 

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