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About Me



My name is Maria Isabel Ponte. I am from Colombia and have lived in the United States since

November 1998. I have always been inclined towards the Spiritual Energy, but over the years

you let yourself get caught up in your daily life and your priorities such as your family.


Over time, I soon realized that I had a feeling in my heart to  learn more about the Angels; and

the beauty that exists once you are connected with them.


In November 2007, my mother had passed and from there, I felt much more inclined to have

contact with Heaven. I soon found myself receiving advice from my mother in my dreams, which

confirmed my suspicions that a connection to the Sky exists.


Around December 2010, a close friend tells me about a mutual friend of ours from our time spent at University. Maria Scozzari has a great connection with the Angels, so I decided to contact her. With her help, I managed to understand my purpose in life and through the Celestial Readings, I was able to view my surroundings and decide the next steps I had to take to reach the point where I wanted to be.


I took my time to make the important decision; not because I did not have faith, but instead I believed that practicing it with my family was enough. I received several signs from the Heavenly Kingdom, which I will later share with you either on this website or on my Facebook page.


Experiencing the feeling of being surrounded by a lot of peace, and having lived and felt the beauty of the spiritual world and all of the wonderful adventures with the group; I made the decision that it was time for me to share with others the gifts of the Heavenly Kingdom. 

From there, I became certified in Reiki I, Reiki II, and Magnified Healing®;  I found countless admirable people such as,

Keisy Mariana del Valle, Catherine Fernandez, Laura Gutierrez, Erica Bondi, Andrea Brock, Gisele King, and Doreen Virtue all who are  Light workers that have guided me in this process of growth in the Spiritual world.




Featured in Natural Awakenings Magazine:












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