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Magnified  Healing®


At this time of important earth and cosmic changes, humanity has the opportunity to enter into a conscious creative state. As Planet Earth approaches its mutation into a body of light, humanity also needs to make its own mutation towards dimensions of higher vibrations.


To achieve our ascension into UNITY, we need to heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual.


Magnified Healing® was first introduced by a physical soul embodiment of Kwan Yin to Gisele King and Kathryn M. Anderson in 1983. At that time, it was practiced only in the higher dimensions by the Ascended Masters to assist Humanity and the Earth under a special dispensiation.


Magnified Healing® fully integrates all modalities. From breath and sound to movement, the seeker is actively consciously engaged in the process. The healer is a facilitator, allowing the participants to continue the healing process at a pace that satisfies the level of their own comfort.


"Many forms of healing are focused on “the healer ", which means that the seeker must go to a doctor, a priest, shaman, temple or any other place to receive healing." * In most methods of healing, healing is channeled directly through the healer. In Magnified Healing ®, the practitioner co-creates the energy with GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE and he/she becomes Magnified Healing ®.


To our knowledge, there are over 106,000 practitioners in 90 countries in the world. 


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